Meet Jane Misra Profit Cultivator

Jane Misra, Founder and CEO of Jane Misra Inc., is a very resourceful, what-you-see-is-what-you-get, entrepreneurial force passionate about living life to the fullest. She is a business growth strategist, business process implementer, speaker, author and enthusiastic student of life residing in Atlanta, GA. She is endearingly known as the Prosperity Cultivator. With a dynamic synthesis of her corporate talents and experience plus entrepreneurial expertise, her personal mission is helping conscious entrepreneurs manifest their business intentions to their fullest potential and giving them a clear pathway to Flexibility, Profit, and Freedom. She knows firsthand through her own unique perspective and business experience how to offer you the actions steps needed to create your own the pathway to freedom while escaping the growing pains of birthing a business and launching your life of prosperity. She does this precisely through Business Growth Strategy, Business Process Implementation, and Project & Vendor Management.  She continues to find inspiration through the success of fellow entrepreneurs, her clients, and by practicing a free spirited bohemian spiritually based holistic organic lifestyle including; a clean diet, yoga, meditation, positive mindset and beliefs plus spending time with her family, pets and friends. She enjoys gardening, horseback riding, live music and spending time at the beach.